5 home renovations you can do without asking for planning permission

We all want to renovate our homes as per our desires but most of the time planning permission always create hurdle and we have to wait for the approval. Today we are going to share a few home renovations that we can do without taking planning permission. Yes, you don’t need any planning approval. Take a look and try this out today.

Create Porch

 We all want to build a porch for planning permission but make sure it shouldn’t be more than 3 meters so try to build it within 2 meters of the boundary. The front area of your home shouldn’t be out of the defined area. Make it part of your property rather than exaggerating this outside of your home.

Build Conservatory

 For all those who want to build a conservatory then they need to know the height and width that is already defined by the building authorities and we have to follow this strictly. It shouldn’t overlap half of the land and shouldn’t be higher than the roof. It has been seen that conservatory shouldn’t be higher than 4 meters at least here in the UK.

Build Shed

 Make sure the outdoor area is less than 15 meters and while building a shed you have followed the building regulations because we don’t want you to submit architectural designs to authorities and wait for long approvals. Don’t forget to check your project with local authorities to find out either it is right for you or not.

Loft Conversion

People who want to extend their home space for the growing family need and this extension. Majority places don’t allow for a loft conversion but few areas actually do this. In the UK, majorities are allowed for a roof extension. Loft conversions in Essex are not difficult at all and experts always give green signal to such renovation but don’t forget to ask your building regulation authorities of your area.

Building extension

Yes, you don’t need planning permission for building an extension but it’s not a simple thing that is always being considered. Building regulation authorities of UK always provide tons of conditions from size to height, roof pitch and so many. Whenever you will plan for building extension


These are the renovations that might be necessary for your home but you don’t need to wait for long approvals because it doesn’t require any planning permission. Get the help of experts because they know what is right for you home and what should be avoided. High-quality loft conversions in Essex are known for the best home improvement. Do check it out this.