5 ways to light up the dark room

Might be there is a room in your home which is very much darker and there is no window as well. What ways you will opt to light up the darkroom? Lighting won’t be enough for this and in this blog, we have brought some tips to help you out in brightening up the darkroom. If windows are installed then it has been seen that some windows poorly reflect the sunlight. Well, take a look and see what else you people can do in the dark space.

Place Mirror

 This trick comes to our mind first because we want to give a touch of a larger room and placing a mirror would help us a lot. It will brighten up the darkroom appearance. It reflects light amazingly and yes help you to eliminate the darkness in the room.

White ceilings

 Usually, nowadays people hardly go for white roofs because they want to give the smarter and different look of ceiling and most colors make the space darker with darker paints. It’s important to choose white wall paint only to brighten up space and to give a larger feel.

Doors installation

We got stuck in this when we have to decide what type of doors should be installed. Glass paneled patio doors are an amazing option for this because it will reflect the sunlight directly from patio and eliminate the darkness. Patio doors in Nottingham are installed by the majority of people in their homes because doors are best in quality and affordable as well.

Minimum furniture

 You might have come across crowded spaces that also causes darkness in the room. Go with minimum furniture option because it won’t make your space darker. Try out this to give your space some brightness and it would be a great opportunity for passing light.

Light toned color paint

 Never go for dark paints if your room presents enough darkness there. Pale and pastel for rooms reflect lights efficiently and give you space a fresh look to maximize the room feel lighter and brighter.


These are the few ways to brighten up the darkroom of your home. Get the best lighting to illuminate but must try out these tricks to give a healthy balance of brightness and darkness for your space.