For those who are planning for laminate flooring they are must be having few questions in their mind. In this blog, we are going to mention the top 5 frequently asked questions that would help you people in understanding why this is best? Laminate flooring is a versatile & attractive flooring that grabs the attention of everyone. Do you know laminate is made up of several layers of material that are fused together with high pressure? Let’s have a look


What is the difference between laminate & hardwood flooring?


Laminate and hardwood flooring are both being used for offices & businesses. Majority of people still prefer laminate because of solid hardwood to avoid warping & cupping. It has been laminate is versatile giving us a detailed appearance of wood. You people can install laminate in the kitchen providing the floor surfaces and won’t have moisture problems.


How do laminate floor panels can be locked together?


Different types of edge joining systems connect laminate flooring panels. Numerous laminate flooring always snapped together that requires light tap. It secures laminate flooring but we suggest you read detailed instructions of flooring as well carefully. You people need to know how to lock flooring together before installation.


Where we people can install laminate flooring?


We all know laminate flooring has extreme versatility so we need to pay attention while installing either the room of our home where we are installing is appropriate for this or not. For particular places, the special installation procedure is followed. We can even install this in the bathroom also where water will not stand on the floor for a particular duration. Laminate flooring is very much versatile for living & dining rooms. Faus Laminate flooring is one of the best things that we people are looking for our home flooring.


How to clean laminate flooring?


We all know laminate flooring is aesthetic, low maintenance & last long. It keeps your laminate flooring clean. All you people need to is to vacuum with a soft brush to keep it clean & dust free. Avoid getting the excess liquid to remain on the surface. Don’t need to wax or polish laminate flooring. Avoid using steam clean or any chemical that can damage the floor surface.


These are the frequent questions which is asked by the majority of people who don’t know very much about laminate flooring so we have tried to help them out by answering of most asked queries in simple words.

Are you going to give a completely new appeal to the living place? Well, when it comes about making few changes in the house, everyone comes up with his own ideas that make this process a bit complicated however the fun factor is still there. All the four walls can be designed in a different way as you can paint three walls with your favourite colours and one can be decorated with the wallpapers whereas there are multiple other options too. However, when people get done with the walls, questions arise for the flooring because the trend of the old-styled floor is no more. Marble and tiles option is quite valid but the homeowner may go out of the budget. So, in such circumstances, we are here with three really good suggestions.

 Choose some stylish Curtains

The curtains really make a difference and can add the missing touch to the lounge or living room. So, when the households get done with the walls, they should carefully choose the curtains. Along with fabric, designing is something that is should also be valued. More on, make sure that you create a perfect combination of the colour of curtains and walls so the overall appeal can be managed seamlessly.

Choose High-Quality Flooring

The flooring is another important thing and it should definitely be selected wisely. The Quick-Step Livyn vinyls are one of the quality options for flooring because they perfectly depict marble or wooden designs whereas the functionality is also uncompromised. More on, the best thing is the budget-friendly price of this flooring as it is around 60% less costly than marble and wood. Some households avoid laminate flooring because they do not consider all the facts of it however the myth that prevails in almost all regions is that laminate doesn’t resist water. Well, actually, the quick-step livyn vinyls prove completely water-resistant and can be installed in the bathroom or kitchen too.

Give a Unique Touch with Old Furniture

The old furniture shouldn’t be replaced or sold out because it can still prove the best thing to be used. Well, it is just about painting furniture with some new and exciting colours and you won’t have to bear unnecessary expenditure. However, bringing some new sofas can also prove good if you place both old and new furniture in the room.